Art Immersion: Photographs of Chihuly Artwork

Posted on: April 16th, 2014 by Sylvia Sarno 1 Comment

March-April-2014-Chihuly 086March-April-2014-Chihuly 081 March-April-2014-Chihuly 101 March-April-2014-Chihuly 090

After spending my time writing most weekday mornings and early afternoons, I find myself craving physical reality.

When I can pull myself away from my desk, I like to head to Marshalls or TJ Maxx to touch the clothes, the furniture, the delicate, colorful porcelain, towels, soft blankets, and the kitchen gadgets. When I have extra cash in my pocket, I'll treat myself to a little personal something. Or I'll shop for birthday cards or for upcoming birthday presents for loved  ones. I always notice the other women, like me, slowly shopping the aisles, their eyes intently searching the shelves for their personal somethings; reaching out to touch the wares. Women who need a break from whatever they do. Relaxing as they immerse themselves in the world of beautiful things.

Lately, I discovered another aspect of physical reality that I like to immerse myself in - photographing beautiful colorful things. I got the chance to do exactly that in Phoenix last week at the Desert Botanical Gardens. They hosted a Chihuly exhibit. Seeing these beautiful works of art in the natural landscape as the sun was setting was so uplifting. I took many photos. These are some my favorites.

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  1. Dirk

    May 22, 2014

    Doesn’t every writer need to touch life in order to record it? And it’s true…nature has a way of surprising us, especially if we get up close. Thanx 4 sharing.


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