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The Inheritance (1998) by Tom Savage

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INHERITANCE-cover-6X9-600-DPI-199x300[1]I had a feeling Savage’s fifth novel, The Inheritance, would be good when I read his tribute to the writers that influenced him, among which are Charles Dickens and Nathaniel Hawthorne—two of literature’s greats.

I wasn’t disappointed.

This gothic mystery has a fairy tale set-up. Beautiful, twenty-four year old Holly Smith, from Indio, CA heads to Randall, New York to assume her rightful place as Holly Randall, heir to a six hundred million dollar fortune. Adopted at birth by the Smiths, Holly soon learns that her deceased mother had spent nineteen years in prison for murdering her bio dad.

Ensconced in the family’s New York mansion are Holly’s ne’er do well Uncle John, and his wife, Aunt Catherine. They greet their niece with phony smiles on their lips and bitterness in their hearts. Because of Holly, the one hundred and fifty million-dollar inheritance that would have been theirs after the death of great aunt Alicia has now been slashed to a mere five million.

As Holly navigates the pitfalls in her new life, with the caretakers’ son, Kevin Jessel, by her side (he’s also her love interest), we soon learn that everything is not what it seems. Some very clever twists and turns later, and the shocking truths about the Randall family are deliciously revealed.

Author Gillian Flynn has nothing on Tom Savage. Read this book and find out why.

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